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by JITHELL » 2 months ago

Your User: JITHELL 

Location + TimeZone: UK GMT 

Average Hours A Week / When Available: 30 ish 

How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: 8 years 

Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt): 4 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes and 15 seconds (at time of application 

Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: I would like to be staff in order to help build the server as well as assist in helping improver player quality of life. I noticed there is a gap when a lot of staff aren’t on that I would like to plug. 

What Can You Bring To The Team?: I believe I can bring a good deal of help to the team in the ways of monitoring the chat and helping to make sure the server remains a friendly place for all. 

What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?:I have been an admin on a few servers in the past and even a co-owner on one. I employ a firm but fair punishments for rule breakers and know when to admit I am in the wrong. If I am unsure whether a rule is being broken or how severe a punishment should be handed out I have no issues asking for a second opinion from more versed staff members. 

How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?: I like to think I know it fairly well, I’ve had multiple encounters with many of the players and  have seen/learned of many of the servers quality builds and stories. I absolutely love the server and would love to see it grow even more and be the best it can be. 

Any Other Comments 

I make quality memes guys

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