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IGN: FireAngelx
by Fire » about 1 month ago

Your User: FireAngelx

Location + TimeZone: UK, GMT+0

Average Hours A Week / When Available: Generally everyday I will play 3+ hours from between 1pm-6pm or around  8pm-10pm (I like keeping my mornings free of anything.)

How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: I started playing minecraft in 2013. After taking a fairly long break I'm now back and don't see myself leaving the game for a while.

Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt): 4 Days, 6 Hours, 48 Minutes, 55 Seconds. (at the time of application)

Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: I'd like to be staff because over the past few months I've grown attached to the server, the people and sense of community it holds. I always love helping people out and always prefer to give rather than take. I've always got something to do on the server so it would be nice to be useful whilst I'm there, and help maintain the servers peace.

What Can You Bring To The Team?: I am a very observant person and can always tell when things are wrong. Being on the server so much and only building, I also read the chat quite a bit so can seen when situations are out of hand. I'm also a very creative person at heart (hence building so much) and love to discuss ideas!

What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?: I'm online quite alot and have quite a positive reputation on the server. I'm pretty much always available for any problems that might pop up, if you need me send a message on discord and, 9 times out of 10, I can come online (due to my lack of social life). I love this server and I love the people, I would love even more to be a helping hand.

How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?: I know the server very well, I always see familiar faces and always enjoy talking to players (new and old) creating friendships. I joined the server at the end of May (I think?) and now play it daily.

Any Other Comments: Thanks for reading! Any decision made on this application won't change my regular playing ;)

(screenshot for /pt didn't work so had to edit and add the link again, sorry!)


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IGN: _IZeusI_
by _IZeusI_ » about 1 month ago

A lovely application, with lots of detail. You've clearly spent a lot of time on this, and everything you have said matches with your in-game personality; kind and helpful. We'd love to have you on our Staff team. Message me on Discord please, and thank you for taking the time to apply.