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IGN: iza_star
by Star » about 1 month ago

Your User: iza_star

Location + TimeZone:

São Paulo-Brazil, Timezone: BRT

Average Hours A Week / When Available:

Oops, i didn't saw week, i though it was day, 40 hours+

How Long Have You Played Minecraft?:

7 years

Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt):

2 hours, but i played a little time alot time ago

Why Would You Like To Be Staff?:

I like your vanilla format server :D

What Can You Bring To The Team?:


What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?:

Sometimes theres no staffs in the day,and its why i wanted to do the test,

How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?:

kinda well x), im not gonna lie

Any Other Comments:

Have been a staff (moderator and builder) on other 3 servers ^u^

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