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Your User: yeel

Location + TimeZone:

Eastern Daylight Time
  TN (GMT-4)

Average Hours A Week / When Available: I will be avaliable 16 hours average every week.

How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: I've played since 2012, so 7 years.

Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt): It's been only about 2 days since I've joined the server, but I can already tell I'm loving the server.

Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: I really enjoy the server overall. There's a great community in the server, and very friendly staff. The rules are simple, and very agreeable to.

What Can You Bring To The Team?: I can bring to the team of what everyone expects from a moderator, such as handling situations very well.

What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?: I've had plently of mod experience in other minecraft servers, having played minecraft for about 7 years.

How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?:  I know that StrongholdMC is medieval themed, which is something I really like. The server is still at a small size, but has been growing recently. I also know it has been around since May of 2019.

Any Other Comments: Reallly love the server, I hope I can be help to the server and everyone who is part of the community of it.

4 months ago