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Your User: Dobbin_18


Location + TimeZone: UK GMT+0


Average Hours A Week / When Available: 20 - 30 hours / Everyday around 12pm - 12am


How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: Started playing 2012 (1.2.5) on and off since then


Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt): 3 Days 22 Hours


Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: I like helping out players and keeping the peace, Becoming a member of staff would allow me to help even more.


What Can You Bring To The Team?: Experience, Maturity when its needed, New ideas and the ability to help make other peoples ideas a reality.


What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?: Currently I am studying computer science at university and have a good understanding of programming languages and computing systems, with this knowledge I would be able to assist in the upkeep of the server or any server/plugin problems that may arise. I have ran a few minecraft servers in the past I know how to deal with hackers, I am well verse with recent hacked clients and dupe methods and how to spot them. All tech aside I would say I am very friendly and love helping out new and old players with anything, getting to know a few of you and chatting on the server and discord has been great.


How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?: I would say enough, I have met alot of players, see familar faces on the server, knowing the server its self such as commands and rules, I have went through the website a bit to familiarise myself with it.


Any Other Comments: Thanks for the read. Short and Sweet eh ^^

2 months ago