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Your User: - JediKush


Location + TimeZone: Scotland ( UK ) GBT


Average Hours A Week / When Available: At least 10 hours a week online 


How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: i have played since minecraft alpha so roughly 7 odd years? maybe longer.


Total Claim Blocks From Play (/claimlist): 0?


Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: I would like to be moderator on the stronghold mc server beaucse i beleive i have all the right attributes and skill that you will be looking for in a staff member. Im educated, im mature, and i tend to be a peaceful kind/helping kinda guy. i also enjoy involving people in conversations so nobody feels left out. im also expereinced in staffing plenty of minecraft servers from big to small, even owned a couple myself.


What Can You Bring To The Team?: I can bring a happy outgoing outlook for the server and will always be inputing ideas for improving. i can also bring my abilty to staff a server with the trust of not being power hungry or abusive. 


What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?: I know i have everything the server is looking for in staff, my only issue woule be timing as i  have  a job and a girlfriend and we are aiming for a house together so time might be a bit picky for a little bit but i can get on for a few hours a day at the very least.


How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?: Truthfully. 50/50.  I've learned most of the basics of the server pretty quickly and i've spoken to much of the players. i feel like i would fit in with the stronghold mc staff team if i am picked.


Any Other Comments: Nothing really to add other than thanks for taking the time to read this application 


Thanks - JediKush


13 days ago