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Your User: 5nowdog


Location + TimeZone: UK + GMT


Average Hours A Week / When Available: Available 6pm - Bedtime, averaging 24 hours Monday to Friday. Weekends are varied.


How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: Have been been playing since 2011 but have been on hiatus since 2015 due to joining the military.


Total Claim Blocks From Play (/claimlist): 4300 + 500.


Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: I’d like to be staff on the server for a handful of reasons, such as:


  1. I have a lot of free time and would like to fill this free time by helping people any way shape and form.
  2. As one of the newer players on the server, I believe I haven’t developed a biased mindset and will be able to de-escalate a conflict by seeing both sides of the argument then using my communication skills to help restore peace to StrongHold.
  3. I’m a quick learner and have had previous experience Moderating/Administrating on other servers. So for that reason, I’d love another crack at it! (This was years ago, I know things have changed a lot, but I’m ready to learn again.)


What Can You Bring To The Team?: Apart from being active in the evenings on MC and Discord, I’m very attentive and have tremendous communication skills which have been developed greatly through multiple courses within the RAF, I believe this will be useful for smooth sailing of the Server. Teamwork is also something I can bring to the table as this is a must for relaying information to each other and working effectively in an organised manner, this could be in relation to building a new spawn point or setting up a server wide event.


What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?: I’m pretty much available most hours of the day due to not having a very busy job so any issues that arise, I can help out on Discord. 

I’m trained in Equality and Diversity, as well as having attended a couple of leadership and communication workshops which would have a great impact on the server. 

I just want to help out seeing as there’s not that many in the way of staff in the first place. 


How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?: This is the only server I have been committed to playing on since coming back from a long long break, I’m still learning after not playing for a long period but I like a challenge! The rules are very easy to understand and I agree with them 100%.


Any Other Comments: BigBadEllie will not be getting special treatment.

3 months ago