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Your User: Andyrocks_a

Location + TimeZone: Phoenix, Arizona, United States - Mountain Standard Time Zone

Average Hours A Week / When Available: Not sure how many hours per week, as it varies often. Main times I'm able to play is between 4-8pm on weekdays and all day Saturday/Sunday (especially Sundays!)

How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: I've played Minecraft since 2010. Took a break a few years ago and returned a few months ago.

Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt):

Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: I used to be members of staff on other servers. It was a great experience and I loved to meet the people who I played with! I'd love to be a staff member to assist the team that I work with and I'm always working to find solutions to problems

What Can You Bring To The Team?: I am an engineer at heart, so I never turn down a challenge of a project or a problem. I love to think of it from new angles and find the best way to overcome any task.

What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?: I'm an enthusiastic person who is more than willing to assist the other players when in need!

How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?: I've been playing since a few days in due to an article on small minecraft servers. I've loved seeing the people grow and I can't wait to see the future of this server!

Any Other Comments: 

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