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"Thank you for continuing to improve Stronghold MC. Applications will be replied to in good time, it may take longer depending on certain situations. Do not pester / nag Staff Members about your post, it will be read and decided upon.

Currently, StrongholdMC is looking for Moderators lavafactory to monitor the server, protecting the community from rule-breakers."

Your User: lavafactory

Location + TimeZone: Ontario, Canada, EST

Average Hours A Week / When Available: AVG hours including weekends: 8-10, weekdays and some weekends.

How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: Since around March 2012.

Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt): 1 Day, 2 Hours, 54 minutes, and 50 seconds. (as of screenshotting)

Why Would You Like To Be Staff?: To be able to help out a bit more around the server, and give me even more reason to come on even more often and enjoy it. Plus as a bonus, it feels like back when I was younger and I used to help out the older servers by building stuff for them and interacting with my friends. This would be a good way to honour that memory by being able to help out a similar server by being able to staff and make sure that everyone can have the same, if not even better experience than I had when I was a kid.

What Can You Bring To The Team?: My beautiful voice, my beautiful voice, and uh... Responsibility, Maturity (3/4 of the time most likely, gotta keep it fun somehow am I right?) Very communicative, love interacting with other players, very social. 

What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?: My beautiful voice, my charismatic qualities, including but not limited to, speaking my mind whenever need be, doing your voiceover work for your trailer, all jokes aside though, I love interacting with other people, and helping people out (as long as it's not cheating) I always make sure to get both sides (or all the sides) of an incident to make an informed decision and base my reaction off of said evidence. 

How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?: I'll be honest, I've just joined a couple of weeks ago but it seems to be a decent server overall, brings back many memories of older servers from my childhood, and I'd love to get to know more about the server, the community and overall everything in general. 

Any Other Comments: Yes, please accept me for my beautiful voice and I'll do your trailer. 

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