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Your User: osmanisbawzz,

Location + TimeZone:

The Netherlands, GMT+2/ Central European Summer Time

Average Hours A Week / When Available:

From what I can tell I'm almost on daily. And at least 3/4 hours per day.

How Long Have You Played Minecraft?:

Since June 2012. I played a lot, and stopped a lot. Thx League of Legends and CSGO. But I'm back. As always.

Time Spent On Server (Screenshot of /pt):


Why Would You Like To Be Staff?:

I really want to help the server grow. And to make it grow you need staff that are on in odd hours. Otherwise people can go on and do stuff that are rule breaking without any staff to stop them.

What Can You Bring To The Team?:

A lot of fun. Teamwork. And crazy ideas. Also I'm one of the bug finders which helps.

What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For The Role?:

I am on a lot of times. I try to help a lot of guys and just want the server moderated at times usually no other staff is on. For once. Some just cursed with N-word. And no one could do anything. Just stuff like that. I am also one who is very calm and doesn't really get angry. I am always sober as I don't drink and therefore wont go in a drunken rage in chat or something (though who would play mc when drunk).

How Well Do You Know StrongholdMC?:

Pretty well, I'm on a lot of time and I kinda know everyone and vice versa.

Any Other Comments:

Just lemme flex on them guys and let me moderate to keep the server peacefull.


I killed Zeus when he had black mamba and better armor.

4 months ago